Die Seeräuberin (English title: AND SPEAKING OF LOVE): A novel based on the life of Lotte Lenya. Published by the Aufbau Verlag in Berlin, Germany. 2001.


“In her scrupulously researched novel about Lotte Lenya, Pamela Katz has filled the intriguing biographical gaps with her unique imagination. Seen through the eyes of her stubborn and secretive Mother, as well as a young journalist, Lotte Lenya’s own voice comes shining through with very impressive writing.”



“Pamela Katz transforms the life of Lotte Lenya into a story of personal destiny.  Masterfully written and filled with powerful images, the story is finely tuned and takes hold of you right from the start…Die Seeraüberin (German title) not only brings you closer to the lives of Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill, but an added bonus is its subtle portrayal of the human flight from National Socialism.”



“Pamela Katz’s vibrant and rich approach to the story is undeniable. …she offers a fresh and surprising perspective of the premiere of the “The Threepenny Opera.”



“Katz discovered a mysterious gap in Lenya’s life story and filled it with literature.”





Confronting Evil—Again. Katz explores why people commit acts of evil in her latest column. "Members of ISIS or Al Qaeda are not monsters insofar as they are not 'unique' but are instead 'terrifyingly normal,'" she writes. READ THE FULL COLUMN



contributions to published collections

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Hannah Arendt: Her Thinking Changed the World

Essay: “But She’s a Thinker”

Edited by Martin Wiebel. Piper Verlag. Munich, Germany. 2013



Make Mine A Double: Why Women Like Us Like to Drink

Short story: “The Good, The Bad and the Bubbly”

A collection of stories and essays about women’s pleasurable encounters with the fruit of the vine. Edited by Regina Barreca. University of New England Press. 2011.


Dickens on Screen 

Essay about Alfonso Cuaron’s 1998 film "Great Expectations"

Cambridge University Press. 2003.











"An Unsentimental Education"

Josef Katz escaped to Switzerland while he was still a student. His anxious years in exile highlight the Swiss attitude towards refugees from Nazi Germany. But as his daughter, author Pamela Katz, describes, her father’s traumatic experience of exile also deeply impacted his children. Read here



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Wicked Fictions  

Essay: “They Should Have Called it She-Angel”

Collection of essays about the work of Fay Weldon. University of New England Press. 1994.







The Penguin Book of Women’s Humor 

Story: "The Longest Ride"

An anthology of women’s humor including works by Dorothy Parker, Margaret Atwood, Fay Weldon, Germaine Greer. Viking Press. 1996.


Fast Funny Women  

Katz’s flashy contribution: “More than a Pretty Woman”







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